I, Helsinki by Russell Snyder

Ebook download: I, Helsinki - A Finland Visitor's Guide

I, Helsinki – A Finland Visitor’s Guide


Author: Russell Snyder
Publisher: Klaava
Published: July 2014
978-952-7074-06-0 (Amazon Kindle)
978-952-7074-13-8 (Apple iPad and iPhone)
978-952-7074-12-1 (EPUB)

“It took many years for the world to notice me, but during the last decades businesspeople, visitors, and journalists have been looking my way and smiling. After spending time in my city, visitors are full of positive comments and are recommending me to their colleagues and friends. Recently, I’ve been described in the media as cool, hip, fresh, modern, and even stylish and trendy. Well, I certainly don’t mind a bit of flattery!”

“If you are considering visiting me, just remember, I have a lot to offer. In all modesty, I’m beautiful, creative, safe, easy going, friendly and a bit mysterious. So, why don’t you come over sometime and see me?”

Yes, for the traveler, Helsinki is certainly worth a visit or three. What’s more, according to recent research, the residents of this city are very content with where they live.

Let Helsinki tell you in her own words about her city. What to see, do, and expect. She is proud of herself and her accomplishments over the years, and is more than happy to give you some outstanding tips.

This book contains around a hundred ideas, and these are broken down into sections dealing with sights; getting around; amusement; museums; eating, drinking and nightlife; recreation and sport, and celebrations. The text is easy to read and packed with colorful photos depicting most of the suggestions.

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